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Jan-Michael Frahm

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Department of Computer Science

Brooks Computer Science Building, CB# 3175

Chapel Hill, NC, 27599, USA

I’m the head of the 3D Computer Vision group at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, director of Computer Vision at RENCI and an Editor in Chief for the Elsevier Journal of image and Vision Computing. I work on a variety of topics in geometric computer vision, the interface between geometric computer vision and recognition, real-time computer vision and active computer vision.


Our work in the news

Engadget “iSpy software can read texts and steal passwords with its little eye (video)”

BBC News: “PC ‘rebuilds Rome in a day’ using pictures from Flickr”

Tech Journal South: “UNC researchers create 3D models from online photodatabases”

Smarthouse: “How Rome Was Built In A Day Using A Home PC”

Chronicle of Higher Education: “Researchers Create 3-D Models With Flickr Photos”


3D Computer Vision Group

Current UNC faculty collaborators

Enrique Dunn, Research Assistant Professor

Henry Fuchs, Federico Gil Professor

Fabian Monrose, Professor

Steve Pizer, Kenan Professor

Marc Niethammer, Associate Professor

Ron Alterovitz, Assistant Professor

Julian Rosenmann, Professor

Current Students

Sangwoo Cho

Jared Heinly

Hyo Jin Kim

Dinghuang Ji

Johannes Schönberger

Meng Tan

Ke Wang

Yi Xu

Hongsheng Yang

Enliang Zheng

Yilin Wang


Former Students, Postdoctoral Researchers, & Collaborators

Brian Clipp

David Gallup

Changchang Wu

Tim Johnson

David Perra

Rahul Raguram

Li Guan,

Richard Steffen,

Dibyendusekhar Goswami

Yi-Hung Jen

Christopher Zach

Seon-Joo Kim 

Ram Krishan Kumar

Arnold Irschara (TU Graz)

Hua Yang 

Jae-Hak Kim(ANU) 

Sudipta Sinha (Microsoft Research)

Jan Bartelsen (UniBW)

Nirup-Kumar Pothireddy

Megha Pandey

Pierre Georgel